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Getting Ready for Harvest

Harvest is one of the most important parts of your hemp season. It is the culmination of the hard work you put into your season, so having a plan for harvest is equally important.

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Hemp Growers Pest Reference Guide

This reference guide is designed to help identify potential insect pests that could be affecting your hemp crop.  Use it in your initial scouting and identification stages while waiting for feedback from agricultural extension services or other agencies.  Always consult…

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Nutrient deficient hemp leaves.

Nutrient Deficiency Troubleshooting

This is a troubleshooting guide to help identify potential nutrient deficiencies while waiting for feedback from your state’s extension office or other identification service. Let’s take a look at the nutrients necessary for plant growth and development. Primary/Macronutrients:  Nitrogen, Phosphorus,…

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black and white hemp leaf with the word "Terminology" in the middle.

Key Hemp Industry Terms Defined

Whether you new to the industry and not sure about some of the terminology or a seasoned veteran and simply need a quick refresher, commonly used industry terms are defined below.

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Hemp Testing and Harvest Schedule

Most hemp varieties remain vegetative when daylength or light provided is longer than 14hrs per day. Indoor grow operations often provide 16 hours to 18 hours of artificial light. The transition to flower initiation occurs once daylength or light provided…

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Hemp planted in rows.

Outdoor Hemp Cultivation Checklist

Prepare Your Field Obtain Soil Tests (Multiple Recommended per field).  Soil tests let you know what is available and what is lacking in your soil.  Nutrients, minerals and pH need to reach certain levels for a healthy crop.  Especially for…

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Green hemp flower.

Hemp Cultivation Guides

While Hemp cultivation varies and is dependent on whether you are growing indoors in a greenhouse or in a hoophouse or whether you are growing acres of hemp in the field, one thing remains constant across your cultivation practice, and…

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Hemp plant leaf

Indoor Hemp Cultivation Checklist

Check Your Irrigation Run clean water through irrigation lines to flush them out.  Minerals and salts can build up in lines and cause clogs over time. Check/Replace emitters to ensure good flow Mix Nutrients and test pH, Electrical Conductivity (EC)…

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