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Hemp flower in magnifier glass.

5 Mistakes Many Hemp Growers Made Last Season and How to Avoid Them

Mistake: Not Choosing the Right Supplier

There are many suppliers providing hemp genetics, but only a handful have the experience and knowledge to provide you with proven, stable varieties and the data to back them.

Tip: Choose a Supplier with Experience and Knowledge to Assist You

With over 15 years of plant experience, US Nursery knows that data drives a grower’s decision, which is why we have compiled cutting edge university research and variety trials from all around the US while working closely with our network of industry partners to provide you proven hemp genetics to be confident in.

Hemp flower in magnifier glass.
Happy farmer in field of hemp.

Mistake: Choosing the Wrong Genetics

The industry is plagued with an oversupply of genetics. Every company claims to have the best genetics but lack the data behind their claims. Genetics perform differently regionally and are dependent on your end goal of biomass or smokable flower.

Tip: Choose Genetics with Proven Data From Your Region

US Nursery provides varieties that have been proven to be tried and true performers in trials across the US. With genetics for almost every region, we can provide you with a product that meets your end goals at a quantity suited for you to be confident in.

Mistake: Not Setting Real Expectations

Not setting real, obtainable goals and expectations can be costly. As humans, we have this idea that more is better, but this isn’t true. Growers lose money each year by planting more than they are ready for or by setting expectations for their crop that are not realistic.

Tip: Start Small and Trial Multiple Genetics

US Nursery is an advocate that starting small is OK and we encourage it. Planting an acre or a few is easier to manage and allows you to trial multiple genetics to get a feel for what you like best. US Nursery offers small minimum orders to accommodate smaller operations and allow you to trial our different genetics without paying an arm and a leg for it.

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Worker loading boxes into a box truck. Frustrated man holding paper.

Mistake: Waiting to Order Genetics and Being Unprepared to Grow

Last season, growers waited until the last minute to order their genetics are were unprepared, without plans of action and goals, when they arrived.

Tip: Be Proactive and Reserve Your Genetics Early

Nothing is worse than paying for product only to be unprepared to grow it. Reserving your genetics early, allows you to plan your season around those genetics, from timelines to point of sale. US Nursery works closely with its partners to provide you the lowest price guaranteed, no matter when you place your order, allowing you to be confident planning your season knowing you got a great deal.

Mistake: Choosing Not to Grow Hemp

Last season, may growers decided not to grow hemp because they weren’t sure it was for them. Because of this, they lost out on gaining experience and knowledge about how they grow and manage their hemp crop.

Tip: Grow Hemp Even if You Are Uncertain to This Season

If you are uncertain if you want to try growing hemp for the first time or if you aren’t sure if you are going to grow this year, then you are losing the opportunity to gain experience and find the recipe that works for you. Instead of not growing, start small and plant a little bit, trialing different genetics so that the experience and knowledge is not lost. US Nursery can help build your confidence to plant small with our small minimum orders.

Hemp plants in field.