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Streamline Production with Hemp Clones

Hemp clones provide you with the fantastic benefit of a uniform and predictable crop.  This is especially important if mechanized equipment is going to be used for planting or harvesting.  With consistent growth rates, cannabinoid production, and harvest times, hemp clones simplify land and labor planning, cost estimates, and compliance with state and federal laws.

Cloned Hemp Starter Plants give you an Exact Copy of the Hardiest and Most Productive Mother Plant. The hard work has already been done for you. Take full advantage of the time and research put into breeding, analyzing, and selecting the best cultivars with the most desired traits that will maximize your profit and minimize your production costs.

You get 100% Female Hemp Clones Guaranteed. We stand behind the quality of our clones and that is why we are offering this guarantee. Minimize your risk, lower your stress and focus on what is important to you.