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If It Has To Do With Hemp...

We have the guidance and advanced starter plants your business needs for highly profitable cannabinoid production.

Unfortunately most hemp plants sold today contain pests and pathogens. You also have to worry about incorrect labeling, renaming of common varieties, inadequate compliance testing, and under-performing varieties.

US Nursery quickly realized the Industrial Hemp Industry lacked the fundamentals of maintaining and producing clean material made standard in the nursery industry.

In an effort to combat these growing problems, US Nursery brought together cutting edge University hemp research with well-established horticultural management practices. We can help you avoid costly mistakes by taking advantage of our 15 years of plant research.

Experienced hemp growers know…  surprises from your plant supplier can be devastating. US Nursery uses proven technologies such as tissue culture to clean, preserve, and establish germplasm. Advanced testing and analysis protocols check for viruses and viroids known to infect the hemp plant and reduce vigor and yield.  Absolute transparency with customers to ensure expectations are met and exceeded.

US Nursery relies heavily on cost-effective technology and open-source systems to reduce cost, increase efficiency, and boost yield.  A data-driven company depending on quantitative analysis and keen observation to address problems and find solutions that can be implemented quickly and with the least impact possible.

In partnership with Puregene, US Nursery provides genetically superior hemp varieties developed using advanced, artificial intelligence driven breeding technology and one of the largest libraries of cannabis genetics in the world.

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US Nursery supports the hemp industry and common-sense legislation that drives the industry forward. US Nursery is a proud member of the National Hemp Association, the North Carolina Industrial Hemp Association, and American Hort.

US Nursery is a proud member of the National Hemp Association
US Nursery is a proud member of AmericanHort