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Hemp Industry Check-in

US Nursery has focused on hemp research on for many years, collecting data to make unbiased and informed decisions on subsequent steps. We have built relationships with leading universities and industry professionals to better understand the questions growers have about…

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Puregene Pure CBD Lite seeds in a labeled bag.

How to Minimize Your Risk by Growing Seed

  Are you off to a new start as a grower or already a seasoned cultivator? Well, seeds can be a great way to maximize profits. Despite your experience, a successful season is important and in order to accomplish that…

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Man wearing a mask looking at hemp plants in a greenhouse.

Support for Hemp Farmers: Overcoming COVID-19

  Economic relief is being organized by several organizations across the nation to provide assistance for hemp farmers in the uncertainty created by the COVID-19 pandemic. Adjustments are being made through government agencies like the USDA’s Farm Service Agency (FSA)…

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Day-length illustration with picture of the sun.

When to Harvest your Hemp Crop

Hemp is known to be a short day photoperiodic plant. In other words, hemp responds to the decrease in day length (number of hours of sunlight in a day) by initiating flowers. Up until the summer solstice (Usually 3rd week…

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Male hemp plant (left) and female hemp plant (right).

Identifying Male and Female Hemp Plants

One important feature to know about the hemp plant that differs from many other widely grown agricultural crops is that it is dioecious, meaning individual plants are either distinctly male or distinctly female. Depending on your specific goal, not knowing…

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