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Growing CBD and CBG can be highly lucrative when done correctly. Unfortunately the US Industrial Hemp market is very young and chaotic. Starter seeds and plants are often sold on hype rather than science.

The hemp starter plants and seeds that you use will have a bigger impact on your profitability than any other step in the growing process. US Nursery works with major Universities to test hemp genetics and growing methods. Our plants are bred from one of the largest banks of Hemp genetics in the world. So you benefit from attributes specific to your growing conditions like Mold and Mildew Resistance, Ultra-Low THC Levels, and Natural Insect Resistance.

Streamline Production with Hemp Clones

Clones provide you with the fantastic benefit of a uniform and predictable crop. This is especially important if mechanized equipment is going to be used for planting or harvesting. With consistent growth rates, cannabinoid production, and harvest times, hemp clones simplify land and labor planning, cost estimates, and compliance with state and federal laws.

Cloned Plants give you an Exact Copy of the Hardiest and Most Productive Mother Plant. The hard work has already been done for you. Take full advantage of the time and research put into breeding, analyzing, and selecting the best cultivars with the most desired traits that will maximize your profit and minimize your production costs.

You get 100% Female Clones Guaranteed. We stand behind the quality of our hemp clones and that is why we are offering this guarantee. Minimize your risk, lower your stress and focus on what is important to you.

Start your Season with the Ease of Feminized Hemp Seeds

“Feminized seed” is more than just a marketing term.  It’s the result of a carefully executed process utilizing proven science combined with innovative technology and an intimate understanding of hemp genetics.  When improperly carried out, the resulting seed could be devastating to your crop.  As one of our farmers learned the hard way when he purchased 50,000 so called “feminized seed” from a  well known and reputable seed producer only to discover over 14% of them were males.

Fully Feminized Seed. The same stable cultivars used in clonal production are also used for the production of feminized seed.  All seed production takes place in sterile greenhouses using Puregene’s proprietary feminization process to protect your crop from male plants. Every lot of seeds is genetically tested for quality assurance and identified by an International Seed Testing Association Orange Label Certificate documenting the results of stringent quality testing. Grow with confidence this season knowing there will be no surprises impacting your bottom line.

You get the Most Advanced Hemp Genetics that are Continually Improved.

US Nursery is the sole US Distributor of Purgene genetics and the only one offering NRGene developed clones. This is a process where the individual genetic traits are mapped out. Artificial Intelligence identifies the plants to be bred to get the good traits without picking up the bad ones. Breeding that used to take years, now takes months. This process is natural and non-GMO.

How can you tell which industrial hemp plants are the most advanced and which are just the same old “renamed” genetics?

 US Nursery is the first, and to our knowledge, the only hemp supplier approved to bring live material into the United States. Our plants are bred in Europe in partnership with Purgene, using one of the largest worldwide libraries of hemp genetics. US breeders are handicapped by .3% THC restrictions. For example, a breeder could have a very high CBD producing plant that is naturally insect resistant, but ti has a THC level of .35%. In the US, this plant would have to be immediately destroyed. But in Europe, the good traits can be kept while the THC levels are bred down to a safe level well under .25%. We would then take an exact live copy (not seed) and clone it in the United States.

You get a Superior, Trouble-Free Plant without Paying More for it.

Our plants are grown in different regions by some of the most respected nurseries in the United States. They use the most up to date, high volume propagation techniques to ensure that you get a “Clean” plant at a low price

Premium Varieties

The premium varieties that we have available are bred from one of the largest banks of Hemp genetics in the world, so you benefit from attributes specific to your growing conditions like Mold and Mildew Resistance, Ultra-Low THC Levels, and Natural Insect Resistance. Through our partnership with Puregene, we are able to offer the best clones specifically chosen to withstand the many growing climates found across the US.

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Dont just take our word for it, see the real data behind our varieties

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A Clean Start

All varieties are propagated in controlled and clean environments by experienced professionals employing well- established horticultural management practices. With these best practices in place growers can always expect to receive healthy, high quality, and pest free hemp plants.

Quality Assurance

Utilizing Tissue Culture, a proven technology to clean, establish, and preserve elite mother stock and regular screening protocols to test for profit robbing viruses and pathagons

On-time Nationwide Fulfillment

US Nursery has established relationships with some of the largest and most reputable propagators across the United States. Our shipping process has been refined and optimized through overcoming challenges of importing live hemp plants into the United States from across the world.  This experience combined with an established network means your order, whether large and small, is fulfilled on-time with superior quality plants acclimated to your local climate and ready for planting.

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