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From the Farm to Your Backyard, Plant Quality Hemp Seeds and Clones Trusted by Growers Across the US

Explore Popular and Proven CBG and CBD Hemp Varieties to Fit Your Growing Needs

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A Clean Start

All varieties are propagated in controlled and clean environments by experienced professionals employing well- established horticultural management practices. With these best practices in place growers can always expect to receive healthy, high quality, and pest free hemp plants.

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Quality Assurance

Utilizing Tissue Culture, a proven technology to clean, establish, and preserve elite mother stock and regular screening protocols to test for profit robbing viruses and pathogens

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On-time, Nationwide Fulfillment

US Nursery has established relationships with some of the largest and most reputable propagators across the United States. Our shipping process has been refined and optimized through overcoming challenges of importing live hemp plants into the United States from across the world.  This experience combined with an established network means your order, whether large and small, is fulfilled on-time with superior quality plants acclimated to your local climate and ready for planting.