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Hemp plants being planted in a pot.

Hemp Clones Quick Start Planting Guide

The following Quick Start Guide is a general planting guide.  Specific requirements may differ depending on variety, environment, and many other factors.

Before You Plant Your Hemp Clones

For most varieties, remember to schedule your planting date when day length exceeds 14 hours to mitigate early flowering.

Make sure your field, greenhouse, or grow room is prepped and ready to plant before your hemp clones are delivered.  Clones have a limited shelf life and should be planted within a few days of arrival for best results.

Ensure all clones are properly labeled with the variety name

Plant too Deep and Your Clones will Weep

When planting your hemp clones, pay extra attention to the depth you plant each clone. The top of the clone-plug should be level with the soil/media.

  • If planted too shallow, the exposed clone-plug is likely to dry out.
  • If planted too deep, the soil will come in contact with the stem and is likely to cause a fungal disease.

Fill in soil around the clone’s root ball. Be sure that the bottom and sides of the cube are in good contact with the media. The clone-plug should be planted so that just the top of the cube is exposed.

If the clone-plug becomes exposed through watering, gently pack some soil back around it. After several weeks the clone will be well enough rooted that this will not be an issue.

Drawing of hemp cutting in a pot.

Thoroughly water in in your newly transplanted clone. Thorough initial watering helps ensure there are no air pockets or try spots in your media.  Supplemental irrigation may be necessary until your help clones become established.