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Hemp Industry Check-in

US Nursery has focused on hemp research on for many years, collecting data to make unbiased and informed decisions on subsequent steps. We have built relationships with leading universities and industry professionals to better understand the questions growers have about their crop and the developing market.  The goal of the following survey is to better understand the state of the US Hemp Industry as a whole through your experiences and opinions. Part of this is by measuring results of last year’s growing season and expectations for the 2020 season.  It is also important to ask the questions that many are looking for answers to, and with the uncertainties that have risen due to COVID-19, we hope to clarify some of these questions members of the hemp community may have.

With the information collected through your participation, we will  compile and release the data via our website to give you clarity on the questions many in the industry may have.

Your personal information is not collected by this survey and all entries are anonymous.

Thank you from all of us at US Nursery.

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