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Hemp seeds next to US Nursery Logo and Puregene Logo.

Feminized Hemp Seed: Can You Trust Your Supplier’s Feminization Process?

Growing hemp from seed is advantageous for its low upfront cost and its potential to maximize your returns. Choosing the right seed for your environment and production needs is crucial. There are a lot of companies that sell seed, but these companies offer inferior genetics and have a feminization process that is poorly controlled and not backed by science.

Each season you read the stories of growers buying “feminized seed” from a “reputable” company, only to grow a crop that is plagued with males. When searching for feminized hemp seed, ask questions, get to know your supplier and their methods of seed production. Look for a methodology backed by science, diligence, and transparency. US Nursery is here to simplify your decision by providing quality assured seed, verified through extensive research by world class breeders at Puregene.

Male plants in the field can ruin your season and greatly diminish your yield. Our partners at Puregene  produce all elite seed indoors in state-of-the-art greenhouses equipped with pollen filters. To further ensure proper feminization, seed production in these facilities only occurs during the winter months in a remote valley in the mountains of Switzerland, hundreds of miles from the nearest hemp plants. In complete isolation and with great care, these plants produce high quality, completely feminized seed. Once harvested, the seed is subject to DNA sequencing to ensure proper feminization with a 99.9% degree of certainty.

Puregene’s standards of operation have been verified by federal trials conducted through Agroscope, the Swiss Center of Excellence for Agricultural Research,  and are certified by International Seed Testing Association (ISTA) . These certifications require adherence to European regulations on hemp which are more stringent and more thoroughly developed than those implemented by the USDA.  

Backed by science, diligence, and transparency, Puregene’s advanced proprietary feminization process is next to none. Their attention to detail and their focus on the needs of the growers is why they are the global leader in cannabis breeding. This season, don’t miss out on maximizing your returns by growing inferior seed. Place your order for our two seed varieties, Pure CBD Lite and Pure CBG, and be confident in your crop by starting with an elite seed that is properly feminized and thoroughly tested.