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Start Smart Hemp Sample Pack

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5 Different Varieties and Over 250 Hemp Plants

  • 120 Pure CBG Feminized Seeds
  • Your choice of 4 uniquely different CBD varieties, totaling 144 clones (36 each)
  • Ellepot Germination Tray and Humidity Dome
  • Quick Start Hemp Germination Guide in 10 Easy Steps

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Start Now by Selecting 4 Clones Below

To select your 4 CBD varieties, just click the Add item to Sample Pack. Your selected variety will now display Add item to Sample Pack.
After selecting your 4 different CBD varieties, click at the bottom of the page.

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With 5 Different Varieties and over 250 Hemp Plants, you can test now

  • Your Sample Pack includes 120 Pure CBG Feminized Seeds and Your Choice of 4 different CBD clonal varieties, each with its own unique features.
  • Also included with the sample pack is an Ellepot germination tray and humidity dome to allow for easy germination of your seeds before transplanting into the field.