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The Puregene Challenge Trial Pack

Growers are Testing Puregene's Genetics against other varieties and now you can too...
Take the Puregene Challenge Badge.
The Puregene Challenge Trial Pack
Hemp seeds and hemp flowering plants being put inside a shipping box.

The Puregene Challenge Trial Pack offers you a low risk approach to trialing an exclusive selection of the world’s most elite hemp genetics brought to you by Puregene AG.  We believe in the Puregene Difference, but don’t just take our word for it.  Trial and grow Puregene’s genetics next to your favorite hemp varieties and judge for yourself.  Grow seed, grow clones, or grow both.  You have the power to choose how you want to grow this season.

Trial Pack Includes
  • Pure CBG Clones  (72 count tray)
  • Pure CBD Clones  (72 count tray)
  • Pure CBG Seeds  (100 count pack)
  • Pure CBD Lite Seeds  (100 count pack)

Bonus: Get an extra 100 Pure CBD Lite Seeds with your Trial Pack just for taking the Puregene Challenge

$955.26 (Over 21% Off)
Plus S&H

Special Offer: Order two Trial Packs and get Free Shipping

Offer valid while supplies last

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Puregene Pure CBD outdoor hemp plant during flowering cycle
Pure CBD (Clones)
  • Averages 2x more biomass yield than the common “T1” variety.
  • 8-9% CBD content at suggested harvest with a consistent 22:1 to 26:1 CBD to THC ratio.
  • Highly resistant to powdery mildew, gray molds, and Botrytis making it ideal for hot and humid growing environments.
Flowering hemp plant
Pure CBG (Clones)
  • Consistently produces 5-8% CBG in typical outdoor production with the ability to reach over 14% CBG with an extended flowering period and favorable conditions.
  • Ultra-low THC content with a consistent 80:1 to 90:1 CBG to THC ratio.
  • Unique mellow earthly and hoppy terpene profile, rare among CBG variaties, make it well suited for somkable flower.
Flowering hemp plant.
Pure CBD Lite (Feminized Seed)
  • Bred specifically to meet stricter THC compliance standards of the European Union.
  • Averages 7-8% CBD content.
  • Maintains compliance through a full crop cycle, even in trimmed flowers.
  • Highly resinous flowers and enticing sweet berry and citrus terpene profile make it the ideal candidate for high value somkable flower.
Puregene Pure CBG hemp plant in the midst of its flowering cycle
Pure CBG (Feminized Seed)
  • Stable seed carries many of the great characteristics found in the Pure CBG clonal line.
  • Ultra-low THC content, even at harvest.
  • consistently produces 5-6% CBG
  • Versatile variety great for biomass or high quality flower production