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Replacing Lost Plants

Last Minute Options for Hemp Clones and Seeds to Make the Most out of This Season

It’s Not too Late to Replace Lost Plants and Fill in Those Empty Spaces to Ensure you Don’t Miss out on Maximizing your Yeild

Feminized Hemp Seeds Available for Immediate Shipment

Buy Now at a Discounted Price.  Plant as many as you need, and store the rest in a cool, dry place and save them for next year.

Seeds can be direct-sown right into your field or container, so you won’t lose any time.

Hemp Clones Available. Limited Quantities and Going Fast

Hemp Clones are available, but quantity is limited and going fast.  Most requests can be fulfilled with a modest lead time.

Contact Us and we will send you an updated availability list.

Complete the Hemp Clone Request form below, and a US Nursery team member will contact you shortly to confirm your request
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