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Quality Seeds Yield Quality Results

All seed has been tested by an International Seed Testing Association accredited institution for quality and is labeled with the Orange International Seed Lot Certificate.


Genetics Matter Most

Your greatest asset in the field is the genetics you choose to plant in it. With every gene sequenced and every trait marked for each strategically selected variety used in female seed production, you can expect predicable and consistent results.

Feminized Seed

Using a strategic combination of science, technology, strict application of innovative methods, and some good old fashion common sense, Puregene’s seed production processes ensures virtually no males will defile your high value flower harvest.

Female Parents Produce Female Seed

Female hemp plants produce female seed. Seeds are only produced from elite clonal female parents. Using a carefully refined proprietary process, we can trick female plants to produce pollen. This female pollen only produces female seed.

Puregene Pure CBD Lite

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Pure CBD Lite was specifically bred to meet the total THC compliance standards of the European Union, which are even more strict than the 0.3% allowed in the US. As a result, you get high yielding plant that maintains compliance, even when tested at harvest. With highly resinous flowers and an enticing aroma profile of sweet berry and citrus, Pure CBD Lite is the ideal candidate for high value somkeable products.

Less than 0.3% THC at Harvest

7-8% CBD

Flowering Period: 8 Weeks

Puregene Pure CBG (seeds)

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Pure CBG is bred to be highly productive and solely produces the cannabinoid CBG. It grows fast, has a highly branched structure and a resinous flower. Its high CBG content makes flower production and extraction of this prized cannabinoid easily accessible. With its ultra-low total THC content, this variety will easily maintain compliance with hemp laws. Pure CBG is mid to late flowering and the target harvest is late September to early October in northern latitudes.

6% CBG

ultra-low total THC content at harvest

Flowering Period: 7-8 weeks

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